Sharable Makes Health Care Sharing Work

Sharable ConnexTM is the first commercially available Sharing as a ServiceTM platform and is a comprehensive solution designed to enable the development and operation of successful health care sharing organizations.


sharable connex diagram

Members Engage To Access Care

Members leverage a digital platform of web and mobile tools to exercise complete control over their health care options and provider relationships. Sharable ConnexTM enables members to:

  • Search and compare health care options
  • Research providers and schedule appointments
  • Access care with the guidance of an expert patient advocate
  • Earn rewards for controlling costs and growing the network

Providers Compete To Offer Health Care Options

Access pre-negotiated rates with 700,000+ primary care and specialist locations, 65,000+ pharmacies, 3,000+ independent radiology centers, 2,000+ lab locations, and over 1,200 surgery centers.

Then, let us tie it all together with 24/7/365 telemedicine.

Sharable ConnexTM allows providers to compete to deliver health care options using the following process:

  • Providers bundle services into easy-to-understand health care options that are easy to compare
  • Sharable contracts pre-negotiated rates for those bundled services
  • Sharable provides full visibility into published costs
  • Sharable promotes providers on the Sharable platform based on their cost-effectiveness and friendliness to the health care sharing community
Primary Care and Specialist Locations
Retail Pharmacy Locations
Independent Radiology Centers
Lab Locations
Surgery Centers with Contracted Bundled Rates

Patient Advocates Coordinate Care

Health care options can be complicated. Sharable believes that members should be able to draw upon the expertise and experience of trained patient advocates. Care coordination means:

  • Connecting and engaging with members during times of need
  • Recommending options and effective treatments
  • Incentivizing members to make good choices
  • Facilitating, scheduling and ensuring quality care

Peers Offer Support and Share Medical Bills

Sharable’s digital platform and back-end virtual share exchange automate the core functions of health care sharing. From member need-matching and shared account management to social interactions that encourage community support, to peer-to-peer expense sharing and direct payment to providers – Sharable handles it all.

Sharable ConnexTM supports members and peers within the health care sharing community by:

  • Receiving and processing medical bills from providers for services rendered
  • Matching bills to members who are designated to share in those expenses
  • Transferring funds from member-to-member and directing payments to providers
  • Enabling members to easily message and encourage each other as they face medical issues
  • Rewarding members that solicit their favorite providers to join the Sharable network
  • Incentivizing members to invite their friends to join their health care sharing community


What is a Virtual Share Exchange?

The most innovative Health Care Sharing Organizations (HCSOs) implement a process whereby members maintain ownership of funds until they are identified to be shared with a specific member for a specific need, avoiding the insurance industry practice of “pooling” funds. Sharable has developed a system called the Virtual Share Exchange (VSE). The VSE is a collection of virtual account management, ledgering, billing, matching, publishing and payment technologies that together form a comprehensive and transparent health care sharing process. The VSE model enables HCSOs to facilitate sharing programs through member-controlled and -owned bank accounts. Additionally, the VSE platform enables HCSOs to match, allocate, publish and share medical bills on a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) basis so that funds flow directly from one member to another member then to the healthcare provider. This advanced process ensures that the HCSO remains in compliance with the various State and Federal Safe Harbor exemptions that they enjoy.

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