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Building & Growing the Sharing Programs of Tomorrow

Insights, Inspirations, and Innovations for advancing the concept of Healthcare Sharing

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Start a New Healthcare Sharing Community

Are you part of an organized group with a large membership? We'll help you build and operate a Sharing Program that's tailored to your unique Community. With over 100 years of combined experience, we have developed and launched more Healthcare Sharing Programs than any other group in the Nation.


Attract and Acquire New Members to Your Sharing Community

The Sharable™ Team has developed and executed the Member Development Strategies of some of the largest and most recognize Healthcare Sharing Programs in North America. Key to that success is a collection of marketing disciplines and best practices that are proven to attract Healthcare Consumers to the concept of Sharing.

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Sharing Attraction Engine

Target and access a clearly defined Market

Provide a unique and valuable service offering

Tell a compelling story that is easy to connect to and share with others

Be contemporary, convenient and well coordinated across all interactions

Be persistent, memorable and relevant across all marketing channels


Engineer Your Sharing Program For Operational Excellence

Sharable™ has coupled technology and proven operational disciplines into its Performance Engineering Practice to enable Clients to build and manage high-performing Sharing Programs that surpasses their Members' expectations of value and service excellence.