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About Us

Sharable™ is committed to advancing the effectiveness and adoption of Healthcare Sharing. We believe that Sharing Programs, if properly designed, engineered, and governed provide Consumers with an affordable solution that “works better and feels better than insurance”.

To help advance the adoption of Healthcare Sharing, Sharable™ has assembled a Team of Industry Experts with more than 100 years of combined experience. The Sharable™ Team is the Industry’s most experienced Team in the designed, development and launch of new Healthcare Sharing Programs. We have embedded and codified our experience into the “Sharing as a Service™“ platform, which is the Nation’s first and only cloud-based platform that fully integrates the Sharing Value Chain. Both existing well-established Healthcare Sharing Organizations and new Start-up Organizations turn to Sharable™, its technology platform and its innovations to assist them in building and sustaining high-performing Healthcare Sharing Programs.

Tony Meggs

Chief Executive Officer

Read Bio Tony leads Sharable with a vision and passion to see health care sharing replace insurance as the most effective and human way to finance America’s healthcare needs. Tony is a pioneer in the sharing economy and has more than 19 years of executive and consulting experience within the health care sharing industry. From 2011 – 2016, Tony was the Chief Executive of Medi-Share, the nation’s largest P2P Healthcare Sharing Organization. Tony’s strategic vision, product development expertise and sharing innovations propelled Medi-Share into its industry leading position and facilitating approximately $3 Billion in medical bill sharing. From 2008-2011, Tony served as Medi-Share’s Chief Development Officer and was responsible for the program’s redesign that continues to lead the organization today. Prior to his employment with Medi-Share, Tony served as a Board Director and Consultant (2002-2008) and worked closely with Medi-Share to develop the industry’s first virtual share exchange®.

Robert Baldwin

Chief Operating Officer

Read Bio Robert heads the development and service delivery of Sharable’s core business operations and a network of integrated service partnerships. Prior to Sharable, Robert played a pivotal role in establishing health care sharing as a credible alternative to health insurance within our nation’s health reform laws. In 2004, Robert joined Medi-Share as its Chief Operating Officer and quickly elevated to Medi-Share’s Chief Executive Officer (2006 – 2011). As Chief Executive, Robert partnered with Ted Pittenger (CEO of Samaritan Ministries) to establish the Alliance of Health Care Sharing Ministries and successfully lobbied Congress to exempt healthcare sharing organizations in the Affordable Care Act (ACA). While at Medi-Share, Robert developed and installed operational disciplines and best practices that are necessary for building and managing a high-performing health care sharing organization in a technological age. In 2005, Robert and Tony Meggs partnered together to architect the nation’s first Virtual Share Exchange® to be implemented in the health care sharing market.

Dima Semensky

Chief Technology Officer

Read Bio Dima leads Sharable’s technology strategy and delivery. With more than 20 years of experience in enterprise software, ecommerce and subscription-based web companies, Dima is responsible for developing the Sharable Platform and technology foundation. Sharable™ is the first commercially available “Sharing as a Service” platform and is a comprehensive solution designed to enable the development and operation of a successful health care sharing organization. As CTO, Dima is responsible for developing technology solutions that equip health care sharing organizations with innovation in their aim to deliver a compelling health care sharing experience. Prior to Sharable™, Dima led the software development and technology initiatives of The Institute of Internal Auditors, a trade membership association, supporting over 170,000 members, 30 product lines and 280 locations around the world. Dima is also owner and co-founder of DevCom, a software development and technology consulting firm providing development services globally.

Pinaki Asher

Vice President - Product Development

Read Bio Pinaki leads Sharable product strategy team. With more than 25 years of experience in enterprise software for various industries like Advertising, Document Workflow and Visualization, Pinaki is responsible for providing direction for the Sharable™ platform. Sharable™ Virtual Share Exchange® is the first commercially available Sharing as a ServiceTM platform and is a comprehensive solution designed to enable the development and operation of a successful health care sharing organization. As VP of Product Development, Pinaki is responsible for directing and developing solutions that equip health care sharing organizations to deliver a compelling health care sharing experience. From 2008-2018, Pinaki led the Software Development and architecture initiatives for Newscycle Solutions, a content and advertising management platform, serving over 2,500 news media, broadcast and magazine clients in 45 countries. From her experience with FYI Corporation, a Visualization Company, and Identitech, award winning EDMS product owner, she brings rich technical expertise.

Theresa Beck

Sr. Consultant – Member Development Services

Read Bio Theresa heads Sharable’s Member Development Practice and assists Clients by optimizing their marketing investments. She combines a strong analytical and research-oriented disposition with data and historical insights to help Sharable Clients achieve and maintain a competitive market advantage. She is a Senior Marketing and Development Executive with over 20 years of experience in Healthcare Sharing. Prior to Sharable, Theresa served as Vice President of Member Development at Medi-share where she developed and optimized Medi-share’s sales and marketing practices. Over the last 10 years, Theresa’ s strategies and efforts have yielded more than $2 Billion in Healthcare Sharing receipts. She is innovative, versatile and strategic in her approach, with an expertise in customer acquisition, performance marketing, content development, strategic partnerships, digital marketing, direct marketing, and sales process engineering. Theresa also has a deep expertise in Sales & Marketing Automation, with a HubSpot specialty.

Nadeena Power

Sr. Consultant – Performance Engineering

Read Bio Nadeena heads Sharable’s Performance Engineering Practice. With over 18 years of Healthcare Sharing experience, Nadeena has specialized in engineering and optimizing the operations of some of the Nation’s largest sharing programs. Prior to Sharable, Nadeena served as Vice President of Operations and Performance Engineering at Medi-share. Nadeena’s passion is to drive actionable, data driven decisions that result in improved service excellence. Nadeena’s experience enables her to assist Sharable clients in all aspects of the Sharing Value Chain, which includes Member Development, Member Enrollment, Member Services, Program Pricing & Billing, Needs Processing, P2P Sharing and Provider Payments. Nadeena has a Masters in Applied Mathematics and has more than 25 years’ experience in Performance Engineering, Operations Management and Financial Management.

Danielle Dempsey

Sr. Consultant - Client Support

Read Bio Danielle works with Sharable as a Lead Consultant in its Client Services function with a focus on Client Training and Support. With more than 16 years of experience in Health Care Sharing, Danielle has a broad knowledge of day-to-day operations of a Health Care Sharing Organization including needs processing, provider relations and member management. In 2004 Danielle joined Medi-Share and served as Executive Assistant to both Robert and Tony and was instrumental in the establishment of an efficient member-centric appeals process, Board coordination and legal management. Danielle shares Tony’s vision for health care sharing and has a desire to service each supported organization to promote progress and development.

Carolyn Marty

Sr. Consultant – Business Analytics

Read Bio Carolyn works with Sharable to drive actionable, data driven decisions for Sharable and its clients. Carolyn leverages her combined 20 years of IT/Business Intelligence experience, 8 Years of Healthcare Sharing experience and an MBA, to enable Healthcare Sharing Executives to manage and sustain a high-performing Healthcare Sharing Program. Prior to Sharable™, Carolyn worked as a Systems Analysts within the Performance Engineering functions at Medi-Share. For eight years, Carolyn equipped and assisted Executive Management with the necessary business intelligence and analytics to identify patterns, effectively communicate trends, and forecast critical performance impacts.

Zack Vargas

Sr. Consultant – Client Services

Read Bio Zack works with Sharable as a Senior Consultant for Client Services with a focus on front end web development and client support. With more than 17 years of experience in healthcare sharing, client services and information technology, Zack professional experience has given him a well-rounded and diverse background in IT client services and administration. In recent years, he's focused mainly on client management systems for companies like Sharable™ and Medishare. Zack is an expert at generating results to cut and offset costs, improve processes, and maximize ROI with the development of technological concepts and tools. In addition, Zack is fully versed in web programming and the development and implementation of customer support software channels like Zendesk, Jira and Twilio.