At a Time of Crisis in Healthcare, Health Care Sharing is Growing

Health care sharing is a medical financing and payments model that serves as an alternative to the high cost of health insurance. Based on biblical principles, and originating in the faith community, health care sharing has quickly become the most effective and human way for all communities to access affordable care.

As a movement, health care sharing brings groups and individuals together to share their humanity and their resources to access quality care at more competitive costs. Working together to lower the cost of medical care makes health care sharing feel better and work better than health insurance.

Sharable combines technology and industry expertise to help new and established health care sharing organizations compete better, as they aim to replace the high cost of health insurance with a better approach to lowering the cost for quality care.


Health Care Sharing is Growing

Health Care Sharing Is A Better Value

  • Health care sharing delivers better value to members of health care sharing organizations because there are NO profit expectations, unlike the excessive profit expectations of health insurance companies.
  • Health care sharing is not insurance and therefore is not subject to the intense regulatory restrictions and cost burdens associated with health insurance.
  • Members of health care sharing organizations satisfy the ACA individual mandate and therefore are not subject to penalties and taxes under the ACA.
  • Sharable equips healthcare sharing organizations to provide the best health care value by empowering their members with tools and services that bring visibility to the costs and quality of medical care.
  • As a platform, Sharable combines cost savings from 100,000s of providers with a member experience that ensures healthcare sharing organizations are able to offer the highest quality of health care options.

Health Care Sharing Gives Members Choice

  • Health care sharing is not health insurance and therefore is not subject to minimum essential coverage regulations. You never have to pay for coverage you do not want or need.
  • Health care sharing lets you choose your doctor. In fact, the Sharable ConnexTM platform provides unprecedented visibility to the costs and quality associated with every provider you may need.
  • Sharable is constantly at work helping your health care sharing organization negotiate the best possible rates for the health care you may someday need.

Health Care Sharing Builds Strong Communities

Sharable ConnexTM assures that you never have to experience a medical need alone, thanks to three fundamental capabilities:

  • Anytime you have a medical need, a highly capable patient advocate is ready to lend a hand. Patient advocates help members understand their health care options and guide them through every aspect of access to care, from self-care to diagnosis to critical decision-making to payment for services.
  • Sharable ConnexTM keeps you plugged into the health care sharing process by giving you visibility to the needs of others that are being met with your contributions to your health care sharing organization. It also enables you to send best wishes, words of encouragement or prayers to members of your community in a time of need, a tangible way to bring the concept of sharing to life.
  • Sharing health care costs is built-in to Sharable ConnexTM. Members access a digital platform to review and manage their shared accounts, deposit their monthly shares and watch their deposits be matched and to pay the needs of others. They can even watch their own medical needs be paid by the community.

The Sharing Economy Is Gaining Momentum

Sharing has fundamentally improved the efficiency of transportation, lodging, staffing and business capitalization, consumer goods and equipment rental. Health care is next.

In 2015, PWC published an in-depth report on the sharing economy based on a survey of 1000 US adults:

  • 44% of US consumers are familiar with the sharing economy
  • 72% believe they will participate in sharing in some form or another
  • 86% believe that sharing makes life more affordable
  • 83% believe that sharing makes life more convenient and efficient
  • 78% agree it builds a stronger community

Health care sharing is a highly efficient and effective delivery model for healthcare and is coming at a time of crisis in the healthcare industry.

In the last 10 years, health care sharing has grown tenfold in terms of medical bills paid. Today, about $1.5 billion in medical bills are being paid annually and over 1.2 million individuals have had medical bills paid through health care sharing.