Sharable Pioneered Health Care Sharing
And Continues to Lead Innovation

Sharable ConnexTM is a Sharing as a ServiceTM platform that offers a great way to get up to speed fast, streamline processes and optimize every aspect of a thriving and growing health care sharing organization.

Leverage Our Proven Success and Competency

  • We offer over 25 years of successful health care sharing experience and over 60 years of cumulative industry insight.
  • We led the nation’s first health care sharing organization in utilizing peer-to-peer payments and resulting in more than $2.1 billion in medical bills shared and paid.
  • We have developed and tested operational best practices for member acquisition, member development and member engagement to meet regulatory compliance.

Benefit From Strategic Vision And Ongoing Innovation

  • We have been at the forefront of development of the legal, financial, technological and operational innovations that are and will continue to be necessary to assure that health care sharing is the best delivery model for healthcare today and into the future.
  • We are a full-service offering, combining strategic insight, consulting, provider relations, cost and risk management, financing and technology.

Start with A Mature, Leading Edge Technology Platform

  • We developed an integrated digital health care sharing platform that facilitates the critical functions of a thriving and growing health care sharing organization.
  • Quickly deploy a member experience that engages and incentivizes members to build and manage their personal care teams, help control the cost of medical care and grow the size and effectiveness of their healthcare sharing community.
  • Seamlessly capitalize on Fintech advances in payment technologies that provide a smooth and consistent flow of sharing funds and ensure that providers get paid in a timely fashion.

Build On A Firm Foundation Of Health Care Options

  • Use our robust network of providers, medical support services, and health care options to provide highly effective patient engagement, care coordination, and cost containment – three critical pillars of the health care sharing equation.
  • Take advantage of nationwide access to pre-negotiated lab tests, procedures, diagnostic imaging and prescriptions that are discounted by the collective purchasing power of the health care sharing industry.
  • Immediately offer access to 100,000s of physicians, specialists, and facilities that are evaluated and scored by their cost-effectiveness and health care sharing friendliness.